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March 2012 Hot Tip Harry
Tip# 3850 By R.K. McSwain On 17-Mar-2012
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Categories : Misc. User Tools
Software type : AutoCAD 2012
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For March, Harry's picks include the following:

Update Attributes Quickly — Ricky Medley — QuickAtt is a comprehensive routine designed to let you update the attributes of various blocks in AutoCAD, based on a settings file. You can populate this settings file from existing blocks with attributes or edit the file directly.

Edit the Radius of a Fillet — Alan J. Thompson — Select an existing fillet in AutoCAD and interactively edit the radius. You can pick a new length, enter a numerical value, or use the keyboard to increase or decrease the radius by whatever value you choose, one step at a time.  

Mark Midpoints of Entities — Kent Cooper — This routine allows you to mark the midpoint(s) of various entities in AutoCAD. For polylines, you can choose to mark the midpoint of each segment, or the single midpoint of the entire polyline. 

Create Homerun Arc with Chained Polyline Arrows
— Jay Thomas — The author submitted this routine to create homerun arcs with chained polyline arrows, which are used in AutoCAD for electrical circuit drawings.

Extract Layers to TXT file — Robert L. Zipprich — Generate a nicely formatted text file of the layers in an AutoCAD drawing, including the layer name, linetype, color, and current status. 

Change Attribute Height — Theodorus Winata — Theodorus's latest contribution is a simple routine to operate, and it can save you some time when working in AutoCAD. Its only purpose is to change the height of attributes. 


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